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Fire Truck mods

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Fire Truck mods

Post by marvinblue on Sun 03 Mar 2013, 4:22 am

A little while ago, I reviewed the 2013 Fire Truck. I really liked the set, but I challenged myself to come up with some better designs. I wanted to use the ladder and turntable on my ladder truck and I needed a stand-alone Pumper for my City. So, this is what I've come up with!

First up, a shot of my ladder truck when I first MOC'd it.

Next up is what I've done to it. Now the body doesn't rotate, just the turntable. My Station Officer is the red helmet, while the other is a Leading Firefighter. Until there is another coloured helmet released, my Leading's will have to wear white. I didn't realise how high it would be with the new ladder part, I had to raise the roof in my fire station by another two bricks.

Rear right shot of the truck. This truck has a pump panel, so it can be used just as a pumper, to back up other vehicles or respond by itself to alarms.

Rear left shot. This shows, among other things, the controls for the ladder and stabilisers.

Front shot of the truck.

The ladder fully extended.

Now onto the Pumper. This is 60002 with the ladder and turntable removed. One of the things I liked about this set was that it looked a bit like a Scania Pumper, that's where I've drawn my inspiration from.

Rear-left view. Notice the two hoses? Now I can boost from a hydrant to either my ladder or platform truck. I can also have the option to give the second length to one of my other trucks, so they can draw from their own hydrant.

Side view.

Front view. I like this angle.

I worked out how to seat three! So the crew is one Station Officer, one Leading Firefighter and one Firefighter.

A shot inside the cab, showing the seating arrangements.

Another internal shot.

A new truck gets a new Breathing Apparatus storage system.

Lastly, an overall shot.

There you have it. I hope you like the new improvements, comments are always welcome.


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Re: Fire Truck mods

Post by Kaila on Mon 04 Mar 2013, 2:26 am

Nice one, been thinking of getting this fire truck when it comes on special
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