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Ideas for buildings - train layout

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Ideas for buildings - train layout

Post by Paul B on Mon 23 Jan 2012, 10:54 pm

I am in the process of building up a train layout with some buildings to help add to the overall theme of it. I have built the following buildings:

-Crane loaded (from set 7939)
- Office on poles
- Take away shop
- Union office
- Works Depot
- Train Inspector / OH&S office
- Train Control tower.

What are some ideas of other buildings that would fit in with this theme? I don’t have a lot of space left so smaller type buildings would work best.


Paul B
Silver Fern
Silver Fern

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Re: Ideas for buildings - train layout

Post by Brickton on Tue 24 Jan 2012, 1:14 am

I have some sugggestions:

- Freight/post depot or terminal
- stock (cows, horses,whatever) loading ramp, crush, and yards
- Passenger station
- Refueling/water and coal station depending on steam/diesel
- the engine at the back of the shed that is slowly dying (somewhat overgrown as well)
- track maintenance area with stocks of track, sleepers, etc

that will do for the moment.

Sheep Dog
Sheep Dog

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Re: Ideas for buildings - train layout

Post by deceptahenry on Mon 09 Apr 2012, 7:12 pm

maybe a substation for any electric trains you may have something like this
Sheep Dog
Sheep Dog

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Re: Ideas for buildings - train layout

Post by Sponsored content

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