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Hello from the Deep South (of Perth, anyway)

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Hello from the Deep South (of Perth, anyway)

Post by leebattersby on Wed 07 Dec 2011, 8:00 am

Hi everyone,

I'm Lee, I'm situated in Mandurah, which is about 70km south of Perth and 90km away from the nearest LUG. I'm a newly-minted AFOL of about 8 or 9 months standing, having rapidly rediscovered my love of the brick since noticing my 9 & 6 year old kids using some old Duplo bricks to build a maze for their toy dinosaurs and saying to my wife (fateful words...) "I think they'd be ready to play with some proper Lego, maybe we should get them a smallish kit and see."


So they're now 6000 pieces to the richer, and I've started a 2000 piece collection of my own since both kids and wife started to complain about how zealously I was guarding the supposed 'family' collection. On the bright side, they've stopped asking me what I want for Christmas and birthdays legohappy I'm currently most in love with the Knights and Atlantis kits-- I have the Atlantis Portal sitting in my cupboard staring at me, waiting for Xmas day-- but I'm also using Bricklink to indulge my loving memories of original space, and bemoan the act of kindness that saw me give my collection away to a single mother friend twenty-odd years ago....

Anyway, the learning curve is proving to be steep but enjoyable. I'm posting MOCs on my blog and website as I come up with something I can be vaguely proud of-- very small scale stuff at the moment -- and I'm looking forward to getting more involved in the AFOL community as time progresses.



Sheep Dog
Sheep Dog

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Re: Hello from the Deep South (of Perth, anyway)

Post by AnitaE on Wed 07 Dec 2011, 8:37 am

Hi Lee,

That is how it started for me also, innocently, when my son was little I brought out my collection from when I was little. I am now much more Lego rich... but conversely, I am much more money poor for it legoeyeshutlaughing

Looking forward to seeing some of your MOCs, and the small scale stuff can be equally as cool as the larger stuff.

Vegemite Eater
Vegemite Eater

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Re: Hello from the Deep South (of Perth, anyway)

Post by peterab on Sat 10 Dec 2011, 10:00 am

Hi Lee and welcome to ANZFOL,

Hope our little community is helpful to you, particularly since you don't have a LUG close by. A couple of my LUGs members do drive from Ballarat to Melbourne for meetings so you could consider it.


Town Moderator
Town Moderator

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Re: Hello from the Deep South (of Perth, anyway)

Post by brickie on Sat 10 Dec 2011, 1:22 pm

Welcome Lee to ANZFOL.

Back in my younger days in North Queensland, we would think nothing of driving for 2 hours to get to a party and the driving home before work the next day.

Distances were measured in how many subbies it took.

Those blokes in blue shirts with their party balloons have stopped that but sometimes you need to make an effort to get the enjoyment.

Here in SE Qld, we have a number of members of BLTG who travel long distances to attend meetings.

Taipan drives 2 hours from Toowoomba so that he can show off his latest creation.

He always seems to find a spare bed for the night.

I'm sure that PALS would welcome you with open arms.


Forum Administrator
Forum Administrator

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Re: Hello from the Deep South (of Perth, anyway)

Post by Sponsored content

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