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Review on set 8019 Republic attack shuttle

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Review on set 8019 Republic attack shuttle

Post by Star_wars_rules on Thu 12 Mar 2009, 2:31 pm

I got this today and was impressed by it's size and also the way it looks. It comes with Mace Windu and 2 clones, (a pilot and trooper.)

Now as I have not seen it in the movies and like most of us here waiting for the clone series to come to dvd I can't comment on how it looks to the film version.

But anyway here is my review on it.

Here is the reference on wookiepedia for it.

Build 10/10 came together very well and easily. More clones can be placed in the rear section behind Mace's seat. Edit: clones cannot be placed inside the shuttle as the position of the roof ends up landing on them. Only Mace is in a clear spot. With a bit of modding you might be able to add more seats and have clones sitting in there.

Look to ref pic 10/10 spot on. Lego did a great job on this.

Now I did get this on special at kmart. $76.00 marked down from $100.00 Also Darth's TIE is still going for $50.00 at kmart. BigW is selling them higher, they have not discounted the prices yet.

Wings in the up position

Wings in the down position

All opened up

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