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Post by BrickTango on Fri 13 Aug 2010, 9:11 am

Have you guys heard about the paypals new website hopshopgo?

Basically from what I understand you buy stuff in US and get them sent to their warehouse in US and then they repackage the stuff (or include number of separate packages you receive into one and post it to you!!! Sounds great to me!!! (warning I haven't read the terms properly yet, so do your own research please!) This basically allows you to shop on websites that require you to have a US address etc.

I am just looking at a few things for example for comparison:

On US S@H:

10197 Fire Brigade USD 149.99
10211 Grand Emporium USD 149.99
10185 Green Grocer USD 149.99
10210 Imperial Flagship USD 179.99
Total Purchase price: USD 629.96

Compared with AUS S@H:
10197 Fire Brigade AUS 299.99
10211 Grand Emporium AUS 249.99
10185 Green Grocer AUS 249.99
10210 Imperial Flagship AUS 279.99
Total Purchase price: AUS 1079.87

With todays exchange rate from at 15:29pm EST on 13.08.10 USD 629.96 is AUS 699.343!!!!!

My maths is crap but that seems like 1079.87-699.343=AUS 380.527 saving!!!

Of course the above calculation disregards postage costs etc.

Having recently bought the 3 Modular Buildings off BL, the above options looks like I'll need to look further into!!! legohatsunnies


Vegemite Eater
Vegemite Eater

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Re: HopShopGo

Post by Captain Zuloo on Fri 13 Aug 2010, 3:36 pm

I bought Cafe Corner, Green Grocer and Fire House for $500 USD (including postage) through a friend in the states, would have cost me close to $800 AUD if I bought them in Australia at the time.

Canberra Brick Expo 2011

Captain Zuloo
Pirate Administrator
Pirate Administrator

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Re: HopShopGo

Post by Hemish on Fri 13 Aug 2010, 3:41 pm

Can your friend hook anyone else up at that price???? legohappy

Kelly Gang Member
Kelly Gang Member

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Re: HopShopGo

Post by peterab on Mon 16 Aug 2010, 5:41 am

I have used a similar service called with good results. To get the postage down really low, it's best to remove the oversized Lego boxes though.

Town Moderator
Town Moderator

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Re: HopShopGo

Post by Sponsored content

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