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Review on set 8037 Anakin's y-wing.

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Review on set 8037 Anakin's y-wing.

Post by Star_wars_rules on Tue 01 Sep 2009, 6:16 am

I got this set yesterday and its not a bad set. However it does have its short comings. This variant is the BTL-B y-wing which is the true y-wing as such. This was before all the extra panels were removed.

The other two variants are:

Anyway onto the review. It took me about 2 hours to build with the first hour was spent sorting through the colour pieces. The design is almost identical to the last y-wing set. The ship also comes together quite well with great use of SNOT techniques.

Front of the box.

Close up of figs on box.

Back of the box.

Close up of storage area for the light saber's.

A shot of R2 shooting a missle.

Close up of the cockpit.

Box opened up. As you can see you get about half a box of pieces.

The manual.



The frame in various points of build.

SNOT pieces added.

Minor details added and color (white) plates added.

Page taken from manual with the missile firing device being attached.

Underside shot with missile device attached and engines. The missile device also doubles as landing gear of sorts.

Slowly it starts to take shape....

Engine blocks added.

From the rear showing off minor detail at the back.

Front profile shot.

The "white" bracket for the engines. There are 8 of these. So for simplicity reasons I have shown just the one as there are no variations in them.....

......and expanded.

Cockpit and rear "bubble" gun added. Engine brackets also added.

Rear shot

Front shot

Everyone strapped in, rear storage hatch added.

Another rear shot with the yellow inner panels added. They were in the above shot but this shows them better.

Top view showing the distinct shape.

Rear storage hatch open showing the light saber's.

Parts left over.

Now the next series of shots show off some of the "bad" points about the set.

This one is how badly the engines are supported with only 3 pins. The length and weight of the engines causes a notable sag which I will show later.

This next shot is just to show the size of the engines in regards to the mounts.

Underside shot showing some spaces and notable lack of landing gear. The ship sits on the missile mount per se.

Gap near the nose section. On the top this is hidden by the white SNOT set.

Again gaps here in the inner canards of the beam support where the engines are mounted. Could have done with some yellow plates to cover this up.

Gap in the window where Ahsoka sits. You should be able to tell by the colour difference where her arm is.

Here is the engine sag as mentioned earlier. This first shot is without me holding the end of the engine so it sits flush. Reference point for this is the grey piece where the yellow panel sits.

This next shot is me holding the engine at the end so it sits correctly. Again reference is the same as above. The grey piece where the yellow panel sits.

Overall I do like the set despite its short falls. It shows the y-wing pre ep4 with all the panels in place. The other difference being that WW2 style bubble gunner seat which is a nice touch. The lack of landing gear etc really hurts this. It reminds me too much of the naboo n1 set where the whole ship sat on a landing platform with the pin of the missle shooter thing would go into it and as a result you would end up shooting the missle out about 4 times just to get the fighter to "sit".

Star Wars Moderator
Star Wars Moderator

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Re: Review on set 8037 Anakin's y-wing.

Post by Darth Legois on Wed 02 Sep 2009, 11:03 am

Oh god everytime I see this I feel like puking. pukebrick

It just looks hideous IMO. I wish I'd gotten the latest non-cwcrap y-wing. legounsure:

Good review though legosunglasses , But I won't be buying it. pukebrick


Darth Legois
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Forum Administrator

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Re: Review on set 8037 Anakin's y-wing.

Post by Star_wars_rules on Wed 02 Sep 2009, 1:12 pm

Its not as bad as it looks vanilla.

Star Wars Moderator
Star Wars Moderator

Title : Star wars
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Re: Review on set 8037 Anakin's y-wing.

Post by marvinblue on Thu 03 Sep 2009, 1:08 pm

Thanks for the review. I do like the Star Wars movies, but I won't be buying this set, as I don't collect Lego SW stuff. However, it's great to see someone else grabbing the camera and word processor by the horns and producing a great review. I like your good and bad points, I might incorporate that in the future! legohappy:

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Re: Review on set 8037 Anakin's y-wing.

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