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Post by Star_wars_rules on Mon 02 Mar 2009, 2:31 pm

Hi all as the newly appointed mod for this section I thought I would put up a sticky with some rough outlines in regards to posting reviews, any news on upcoming SW sets and more importantly any thoughts on current or previous SW sets.

Posting Reviews:

Not that this is an issue yet, but best to get it stamped in place now rather than later.......

The title of the review must contain the set number so we all know what you are referring to. Example:

"Review on Darth's Vader's TIE"

Now most people would know what you are referring to, however there have been a few versions of Darth's Vader's TIE so having the set number included helps not only those who want to look it up on lego's site, but those who go shopping for the set. With the set number as the reference point it makes it easier to find in k-mart and the like.

So in this case the title should read:

"Review on set 8017 Vader's TIE."

Also a scale system used to give fellow members an idea as to what you thought of it. Usually "10/10" format is good as it gives the community a better understanding of how the set looks in comparison to what the box says/shows.

A good indication of this is my recent review done on Vader's TIE. If you need further assistance PM me and I will do my best to help.

Pics are not mandatory for a review, however they do help considerably for everyone else so they can see what things you are referring to in the review be it good, bad or indifferent. Anything that maybe overlooked in the box art or any tricky points in construction and how you over came these issues, is always a good idea to show case these.

Deep links are preferred as it takes us all directly the pic itself. However if you do have a folder on brickshelf, Photobucket flikr etc and it is simply easier for you to post the folder instead then that is fine as well.

Just a quick run down on how to post deep links for brickshelf:

1. Log into your brickshelf account.
2. Select your folder.
3 Find the pic or upload depending on what you need to do first.
4. Once you have the pic in front of you click on it once so it fills the screen and you have no other pic.
5. Click on the pic a second time, this will remove the "next and previous" arrows and the image itself will start to load.
6. Go to the address bar and copy the link and paste into the review.

When posting your review if there are any negatives in regards to the set, whether it be build, the set itself, flimsy pieces etc please state these issues and say why.

For those reading a review just remember that the views expressed in the members review may simply be what they think of the set, not necessarily what we all think. So please respect the comments posted and if needed quiz further as to why they posted those comments.

Any news in regards to the SW line:

Most news updates will be done by myself or the admin team, however if we overlook any sets etc simply post that you saw a set on the shelf that you didn't know was coming out. Myself and the other mods/admin will look into it when we get a chance.

Also any links posted from FBTB may or may not apply to us here in Aust and NZ as those release dates are for the US/euro market. So those who are members on FBTB like myself, please take this into account when posting any news that you may think is relevant.
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