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Review: 8957 Mine Mech

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Review: 8957 Mine Mech Empty Review: 8957 Mine Mech

Post by Keetong on Mon 20 Apr 2009, 10:47 am

Review:8957 Mine Mech
Review: 8957 Mine Mech 8957-11
Well recently I decided to buy a Power Miner Set. To tell you the truth I wasn't at all interested in them, I though it was a waist of product space. Thankfully I got it on sale at the price of $11.04. The usual price is $12.99.

Name: 8957 Mine Mech
Theme: Power Miners
Year: 2009
Pieces: 67
Minifigs: 2
Price: 7.99USD / 5.85GBP / 7.99EUR / 12.99AUD

Resources: [url=""]S@H[/url], [url=""]Peeron[/url], [url=""]Brickset[/url]

Box of 8957, Mine Mech
Review: 8957 Mine Mech Picture_016
Review: 8957 Mine Mech Picture_015
Review: 8957 Mine Mech Picture_006
This is one of those boxes that quickly gets you attention, because its got a nice dark background with a colourful object in the middle. The top of the box shows of the minifigures in a 1.1 scale as usual. The back of the box has all the usual things, buy it because you get accessories.

Review: 8957 Mine Mech Picture_022
Review: 8957 Mine Mech Picture_029
Just the contents page and the front cover.

Review: 8957 Mine Mech Picture_007
There was a nice assortment of pieces. Its quite amazing, these were my first light green pieces. The bioncle pivot bricks are also a piece that I quite like, because of their great manoeuvrability.

Review: 8957 Mine Mech Picture_028
There were a nice lot of accessories that came with it Dynamite, Picket and a Green Crystal.

The Minifigures
Review: 8957 Mine Mech Picture_009
Review: 8957 Mine Mech Picture_010
Well to start of, I think Brains is heaps cool. I prefer the blue vest on a white shirt more then the grey. The rock monster you get in 'Mine Mech' is Boulderax, his trans neon green shows of perfectly in the light.

The Build

I decide to do something a bit different for the build. I put my camera on to timelapse and statrted building( my head hurts from remembering it. The build was easy, it didn't take much time and you had a complete stucture. Personally I reckon they could have added a few more pieces to it

Mine Mech
Review: 8957 Mine Mech Picture_026
Front of Mine Mech

Review: 8957 Mine Mech Picture_027
Back of Mine Mech

Review: 8957 Mine Mech Picture_023
The Grinder, you're able to spin it by turning the clogg at the back.

Review: 8957 Mine Mech Picture_025
Who's this crazy driver.

Review: 8957 Mine Mech Picture_024
The claw of death.

Well the vechicle has a great design to start with. The bioncle joints give it great manoeuvrability, they also come in handy being used as the claw and grinder. The new roll cages are great(that's what I'm going to call them) they add great detail to the set. The stickers can get a bit annoying, but I'm not worried. The grills on the feet keep braking, luckily I was able to find more from one of my agents sets. The stickers on the feet of the Mine Mech seem to glow at night, well the white part does anyway. One bit that was not though out well was the antennas in the coppit, they are place behind the minifigure making it impossible for the minifigure to reach it.

This was a bit I just wanted to add

Brains: Although he's anxious to save the world from the mysterious rumbling, he's also fascinated by the rock creatures and their underground domain. He'd love to capture some alive to bring to the surface, so he could learn all about them.
Boulderax: Strong, slow, and dumb as a bag of rocks - will fight a thunder driller just for the fun of it. At times so busy smashing the power miners he forgets to the crystals he came for.

Summary Review
Playability: 7/10 (pretty fun to use, they should have made the claws like scissors)
Design: 7/10 (pretty well made)
Price: 7/10 (reasonble, could have been $8 AUD)
Overall:7/10 ( pretty well rounded set)

The Sketch
Boulderax likes idea of killing Miner, Just don't eat the dynamite.
Review: 8957 Mine Mech Picture_019
Review: 8957 Mine Mech Picture_020

In the end I've come to like the power miners sets. Originally I though they were a useless piece of junk, not worth the wait. Mine Mech has completely changed my mind on the subject, I now think they should go on to a third line, as we already know they are making a 2nd.

Favourite Series:
5.Star Wars

Wish we had lego stores in Aussie and New Zealand.
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Review: 8957 Mine Mech Empty Re: Review: 8957 Mine Mech

Post by Darth Legois on Tue 21 Apr 2009, 2:59 am

Thanks for the excellent review! legosunglasses

I would've done one 2 months ago but my camera is broken. legosad:

I would also definitely recommend this set legosunglasses

Review: 8957 Mine Mech Ilikewaffles17
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