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Australian and New Zealand Fans Of LEGO - Forum
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Space Police 2009

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What do you think of the new Space Police?

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Space Police 2009 - Page 2 Empty Re: Space Police 2009

Post by leebattersby on Thu 22 Dec 2011, 10:04 am

hey, it's a couple of years later, but I'm only relatively new to the hobby and new to the forum, so it's all still fresh to me legohappy

I'm loving the Space Police III sets-- the designs of the larger sets are madly off the wall, they are a wealth of specialty pieces, and the colour sets present a fun challenge when utilising pieces into MOCs. There's a real sense of fun about them, both in the design and design elements, and in the sort of play they inspire. And the alien minifig designs are engagingly loopy, although I have to admit that the nascent racism you've raised here had escaped my notice. Still, that's the great thing about play-- we get to choose who we want to play the good guys legohappy

Overall, I think they add a great splash of colour to the collection, and I'm picking them up whenever I can get my hands on one.

Sheep Dog
Sheep Dog

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