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Playstation 3

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Playstation 3 Empty Playstation 3

Post by Star_wars_rules on Sun 09 Aug 2009, 9:45 am

Hi everyone, sorry its been a while since I was on last. I did make some new posts in my section, so have a look. Anyway as most know I have a ps3. At the time I got the 40 gig model which really the size doesn't cut it when it comes to downloads and saving other content like music, pics etc. Well on the 28-29th of july, so last month, I went out and got a 300gig sata hdd. I also got a usb 2.0 sata external dock. Now for those who have a ps3 and have often thought about upping their hard drive, I have take the liberty of posting the steps on another site. Instead of sending you all to another site, I am pasting the content here.

For those of you who are not sure on how to update your hard disk for your ps3 there are steps on how to do so on here.

However it should be noted that they do not tell you on what you need to do in regards to the hard disk itself.

Make sure that you have copied all your saved game data onto a usb flash drive or memory stick.Do not copy your game data which is when the game installs onto your hard disk.(Only copy your saved game data.)You don't need it and it just takes up unecessary room on your memory card/stick etc as when you do have it all running again just by starting up the game again it will reinstall anyway. Also any songs, pics or psone game saves should also be copied onto the device as well.

Before you do start to take the hard disk out, turn off the power at the back of the unit first. Most important.

On the base of the ps3 is a little cover that is easy to lift off with a small screwdriver. Inside this is the hard disk caddy bay. You undo the blue screw and it will come out.

On the outside of the steel cage are 4 screws which you take off. Once all this is done and you have gone to the above link and copied the ps3 system software onto your hard disk, you need to create 2 folders. Now the instructions are a bit vague on some minor but important details. With the 2 folders that you create you need to make sure one is "ps3" in lower case and the other "UPDATE" in uppercase. Now as the steps do outline you make the second folder inside the "ps3" folder.

Make sure you have a usb to sata converter, plug it into a usb port on your pc and do a full format from your pc of the new hard drive. The ps3 will recognise this and it will help when it detects it. Be ready for a long wait as the conversion from usb 2.0 to sata is slow and it will take about 3 hours to format the hard disk.

Copy/move the folder from your pc's hard disk onto the memory stick/flash drive.

Put your new hard disk into the steel cage and put the screws in. Yes I do know that it's obvious you do this, but some people think it will just clip back onto it. Then slide it back into the base of the ps3, it only goes in one way as you will notice. Put the blue screw back in and place the black cover back on.

Hook it all up again and power it up. It will ask you to make sure you have the usb cable connected to your controller and to the system. Plug in your memory stick into the usb port. Press select and start when prompted and follow the directions from there.

It does take some time by the way so don't sit there watching it. Once its all done, it will be just like the first time you ever got your ps3. However it will already be updated and won't need to download the system update. Create your user name(s) again. With the memory stick still plug in you can now transfer all the data back to the correct spots.

Reset up your internet connection details/prefs and also tweak the other bits and pieces in regards to video playback and sound etc. Go across to the playstation network and go to sign in. Follow the steps on how to log back into your profile. If you do forget your password you can reset it here.

Now for those of you who may be worried about your downloaded purchased content, you don't need to pay for it again, as you have logged back into the network with your old details. Just go to your account management screen and go to your download list and get your stuff back.

If any of you have any further questions on this then by all means ask away.
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