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Australian and New Zealand Fans Of LEGO - Forum
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Must be a Lego addict......

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Must be a Lego addict...... Empty Must be a Lego addict......

Post by Locomotive Annie on Thu 25 Apr 2013, 1:19 am

Yes I think my Lego addiction can now be considered to be real and not just a matter of speculation. My carpet has spontaneously started to sprout Lego pieces and i know they're not pieces I've dropped because I'm always careful to pickup anything that falls on the floor. It's amazing, a completely clear and clean area of carpet will grow at least two Lego pieces if not three overnight which makes me glad that I don't wander around my house barefoot.
Just lately my favourite cardigan has started to grow Lego bricks in its pockets. I mean I know i didn't put them there so they must be spontaneously sprouting as well. And then there's my fingernails, since i started with Lego they always seem to be broken off short and don't really grow anymore. So it looks like I've got this Lego thing really bad and the worrying thing is I don't think there is any cure for it.........
Locomotive Annie
Locomotive Annie
Vegemite Eater
Vegemite Eater

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Must be a Lego addict...... Empty Re: Must be a Lego addict......

Post by Paul B on Thu 25 Apr 2013, 2:28 am

Yes, it does sound like you have got it bad... legohappy

Paul B
Silver Fern
Silver Fern

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