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Review: 8707 Power Miners Boulder Blaster

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Review: 8707 Power Miners Boulder Blaster

Post by Redboost on Fri 03 Apr 2009, 2:23 pm

Review: 8707 Power Miners Boulder Blaster

This is a Toys R US exclusive which means typically, it will be slightly more expensive than sets of comparable size/brick count. But if you compare it to the Thunder Driller which sells for the same price, it aint too bad except that you can currently get the Thunder Driller from Big-W fo the sale price of $35!! So that makes the BB expensive by comparison. Of the current Power Miners sets, my favourite is the Thunder Driller so I will be comparing the BB to that set. Comparitively, I find the design of the BB a tad generic. It looks like it could be a normal bulldozer, with the addition of a dynamite launcher. In contrast, the TD doesn't look like anything you'd find in real life which makes the TD a better set in my eyes. It also reminds of the Thunderbirds yellow driller which I loved as a fan of that show. The set comes with 2 minifigs, one miner and one rock monster. The action feature of the BB is the Dynamite launcher which fires 3 projectiles with the use of a rubber band. Building the BB is an enjoyable experience but then again, I've found the Power Miners line to be very satisfying to play with in terms of build and features and this set is no exception. Overall, a worthy set addition to the PM line but probably $10 more expensive than it should be but only because the TD can be bought more cheaply when it is on special.

Overall: Four out of Five

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