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7659 Imperial Landing Craft Review

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7659 Imperial Landing Craft Review

Post by Star_wars_rules on Wed 04 Mar 2009, 7:42 am

I did this review on FBTB in Feb 2007. However as it is a set that is still available, the review is still relevant.

Those of you like me who have the imperial shuttle will notice a very similar build design as far as the wings and shape is concerned. When I first saw the box I thought to myself it doesn't look that great, well I am happy to say that I have been proven wrong. It is going for $70AUD here at the moment at k-mart. Anyway enough babble and onto the review.

Likeness to film, 10/10 spot on
Build 10/10 as the "lander" comes together quite nicely
Playability concept - I say this because the bottom detaches and sort of becomes a field defense base pod. 10/10 Very smart move on legos part as it makes it look as though the top would return to a sd and pick up another pod and drop it into combat.

Price per parts ratio for 469 pieces for $70 AUD is 9/10.

Closing comments.
It is good to see that lego has used a similar technic that they used in the sd with the top detaching to allow use and access to the pod. It is also a easy way of getting 2 stormies and 2 sand troopers and a pilot. Even though it is smaller than the shuttle (it is suppose to hold at-sts and speeder bikes as well) Lego has opted to go for playability over size here and I think it pays off.

With a bit of moc'ing you could easily build a pod for the speeder bikes. Maybe even the at-st but that would require making the top much longer to accomodate such a large cargo pod. And it would make it look "fat".
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