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Post by Darth Legois on Wed 07 Oct 2009, 4:58 am

Ranks/Groups/Tags 26267This topic is still Under ConstructionRanks/Groups/Tags 26267

Ranks/Groups/Tags AdminThe Forum Administrators are here to maintain the site, the database and the site appearance as well as member user groups and ranks. They also assist with a little bit of moderating.Darth Legois
Ranks/Groups/Tags Pirate_adminThe Pirate Admin has the same duties as the Forum Administrators, but he also carries the task of forum maintainance and site layout and graphic design. But don't step on his toes, the Pirate Admin has a short fuse...Captain Zuloo
Ranks/Groups/Tags Global_modThe Global Moderators are members of the forum who have been selected by the staff to pick up an extra duty of keeping the forums neat and tidy and keeping the members in line.Keetong
Cpt. BP
Mrs. PB
Ranks/Groups/Tags Star_wars_modTougher than Darth Vader and Bobba Fett put together, the Star Wars Moderator is (theoretically) responsible for keeping the Star Wars forum tidy and in order, but he does a great job forum-wide.Star_Wars_Rules
Ranks/Groups/Tags Space-modThe Space Moderator is the fearsome leader of the Space Forum! Beware his infinite knowledge of everything LEGO Space!*No one currently holds this position*
Ranks/Groups/Tags History-modFull of knowledge of anything to do with History, be it Castle, Vikings or anything of the like, the History Moderator is the go-to man for anything to do with the past.*No one currently holds this position*
Ranks/Groups/Tags Town-modResponsible for keeping one of our most popular forums in line, the Town Moderator is one of the busiest members of our staff. Moving threads to and fro and keeping a good presence on the boards is a tough job!*No one currently holds this position*

More to come...

Ranks/Groups/Tags 26267This topic is still Under ConstructionRanks/Groups/Tags 26267

Ranks/Groups/Tags Ilikewaffles17
Darth Legois
Darth Legois
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